image001  Make an animation.
4 sprites and a background.In this animation we will use the glide block.
 image003  RIGHT mouse click on the cat and select ‘delete’
 image005  Choose new sprites from file.
 image007 Select the four sprites from the library.
 image009  Make a stage for the animation.
 image011  Drag in the When green flag clicked block for the Dino sprite.
 image013 Add the following blocks and test.Notice how we use the glide block.Notice how we show and hide our sprite.
 image015 Add these code blocks for the girl and test.In this code block we setting the x and y co-ordinates of the girl.We are gliding and we are also displaying messages if the girl is at a specific position.In this piece of code we also use go to front block, this displays the girl in front of the prince.
 image017 Add the code blocks for the magic carpet sprite.Notice we are gliding and how we hidden at the beginning and end of the animation.We also set the initial position of the magic carpet.
 image019 Add the code for the final sprite and test it.The prince will come and rescue the girl.To do this the Prince needs to glide on the magic carpet and rescue the girl.We also use position to time when we display a message.The prince changes position several times during this animation so we use point in direction and turn blocks.


 image023 Save your projectClick: Save > Save as
 saveas Select the folder you want to save you project in.Set the New Filename as “Gliding”Click: OK


Finished this? 

Try the following:

    • Add more behaviour
    • Add sound when the prince recues the girl.
    • Add to the story.
    • Add a title for the animation.