image001  Make a question and answer quiz.
2 sprites of your choice. 2 variables, broadcast commands for interaction between the sprites.
 image003 RIGHT mouse click on the cat and select ‘delete’
 image005  Choose new sprite from file.
 image007  Make two new sprites. Make a stage with a fun background such as beach-Malibu. Create a variable for each of them and name them answer1 and answer2.image009
 image011  Drag in the When green flag clicked block for the Dog sprite.
 image013  Set answer1 to Dog.This means the answer to the first question is Dog. You can make this anything you want.
 image015  Add an ask and wait block and put in a question you would like to ask your second sprite.We use the broadcast blocks so that two sprites can interact with each other.image017

We will have a few as we need them for the different responses.

 image019 Add some more blocks so we have different responses.
 image021  Add another block for your first sprite
 image023 Add a final block so that we can have a final guess at answering the question.
 image025 Add this block into the Dog sprite at the very top of the block so that we show the Dog sprite again. See the last picture to see the hide block in action.
 image027  Program your second sprite as follows.
 image029  Add as follows.
 image021  Add another block.
 image023  Add the final block. Test it.
 image035 Save your projectClick: Save > Save as
Select the folder you want to save you project in.

Set the New Filename as “Easy Quiz”

Click: OK




Finished this? 

Can you see that a lot of the blocks were duplicated? We only changed how they were called.



Try the following:

  • Add in more sprites
  • Ask more questions.
  • Add in more variables and behaviours.
  • Add sound for the game over.